Transformers and Substations

Oil Filled, Cast Resin and Power Transformers

RMU's, OHL Switches etc.,

11 KV / 22KV RMU
11 KV/ 33 KV Vertical Mounted Switchgears and disconnectors

LV Panels

All Type of LV panels and DB’s, SMDB’s and Custom Design Panel

LV Works & Modification

All kinds of Modification and Maintenance

MV OHL Insulators

Composite Insulators up to 400KV

Premolded Cable Accessories

Premolded and Plug in Terminators and Elbow Connectors

Heat Shrink cable Accessories

Cable Joints and Terminations up to 33 KV.
Repair sleeves and End Caps

EFI, OFI, CHM - Measuring Instruments

At Fault Indicators or Red Line Fault Indicators and Cable Height Meters

MV Switchgears

11 – 22 KV Fixed Type and Withdrawal Type Add Insulator Switchgear

Submarine cables

Sub C Cable up to 22 KV

Switchgear Terminals and Instrument Transformers

All Kinds of Terminals and Accessories for Switchgears / LV

Instrument Transformers, transducer , Energy Meters etc.

Current Transformers, Voltage Transformers and Meters from European make

Up to 33Kv Surge Arresters

Surge Arresters from Europe